Paintball CO2 Tracker

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Diensten Sport
Developer: B.C. Apps
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Paintball CO2 Tracker! Just what you need when you cant remember how many paintballs shots are left in your air tank! We found whether its playing each weakened at the house, or going to an all day field with a few tanks. It is never fun to hear that horrible sound when you know you just ran out of air in the middle of the game....

So why not know at least an estimate of what you should have left!

WARNING*** Every paintball marker takes a different amount of air per shot, and the speed its set will also change the number of balls fired from 1 tank. We have setup the best estimate we can make as a default. But you can customize it to what you want each time!

How it works:
- Save up to 9 tanks!
- Save the size of the tank.
- Save the approximate ball "Count left" on your tank.
- After each round mark down the approximate shots fired.
(1 Hopper is approximately 200 balls)

Tips: We found that after each time you fill up your paintball hopper, just mark off about how many you used.

B.C. App enjoys all kinds of sports, and we are happy to have this application for all of you Paintball players! Enjoy!